London Fashion Week 2017, the new talents of fashion.

As every year, London becomes September in the spotlight of the international fashion.

Last week we attended the prestigious fashion week in London, the most anticipated event in the UK for fashion lovers. Inescapable appointment for entrepreneurs and passionate about good taste, is the place where, both new talents and entrenched brands and fashion designers, show us what we will wear next season.

This year, with special dedication to the launch of new creators by centers such as Fashion East, which promotes new faces so that they can be made known through economic support. Good news, no doubt, for the industry.

Of the many names to keep in mind, we must emphasize names like those of Charles Jeffrey with his prints of stripes or pictures, and his radical vision of the fashion. Or the Taiwan-based Chinese, Jamie Wei Huang, “disciple” of Estella McCarney looking for her seal through the manufacture of new materials. Matty Bovan, who after working for Luois Vuitton, defies the canons of beauty of women of the 21st century. Or Harry Evans, who finally launched his own brand after passing through Meedham Kirchhoff and Céline.

As part of the new and young raids, some “old” glories reinvent themselves in this vanguard London Fashion Week as the Scottish Pamm Hog. Promoter of diversity on the runways, this versatile artist who dresses Rock stars, presented her Innocence collection, one of the most anticipated this year.

One more year, the Brtish Fashion Council (BFC) has put everything on its side so that this biannual event does not lower the level to which we are accustomed and we are already, waiting for February to surprise us with its proposals and creative ideas of the event; surely they are already working on it.


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