The ninth H&M mark displaces INDITEX in number of signatures.


The Swedish company has its new brand ready by mid 2018.


Although the firm is in full international expansion, both online and physical stores in different parts of the world, we have known that they prepare for the coming year, the incursion of a new brand for their group.

We still do not know the name, but we know that this new brand will be led by Arket, with which, surely, the new “daughter” will be oriented to the functionality and the timelessness; Typical Arket branch.

Since INDITEX outperformed the group as the largest fashion retailer in the world, the Swedish company has not stopped innovating and seeking excellence to once again lead the industry. With this new brand, the ninth of the group, already surpasses in number of signatures to the Spanish company.

H&M brands are often well defined and segmented. Surely the new firm comes to occupy a slightly new space, although always within the simplicity of designs and pragmatism.

What they discard, despite what was mentioned in some media, is the possibility of selling household products in these new stores. H&M also plans to open the Home section in 2018, ruling out the possibility for the new brand, which will be only fashionable.

It is certainly a crucial moment for the group due to the strong competition of the sector, both physically with the irruption and consecration of phenomena like PRIMARK, as the boom of online stores. We will continue expectant and hooked to the latest news on the new brand of the great company.


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Picture: FashionNetwork

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