Frida Kalho will be resurrected again at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

An exhibition based on the controversial Mexican artist Frida Kalho is being prepared for the summer of 2018.

We still do not know the title of the exhibition and the curious are already roaring for more information. It is the first fashion show confirmed for 2018 in the London museum and, although we know the dates, from June 16 to November 4, we do not know what it will be called this genius that will undoubtedly be successful attendance.

All the great modistas of last century have been inspired, at some moment or another, by the force and the color that the artist printed in its works. These works were so personal that they told their story, sometimes cheerful, and especially sad. The great models have been able to be Frida Kalho in multitude of parades, resucitando it in each step. The great fashion magazines, filling headers absolutely inspired by the controversial artist.

We know, yes, that the exhibition will feature personal objects of the artist never exposed outside her hometown, Mexico. Letters, jewelry or even some of your hand-painted clothing. Objects that were 50 years in its closet, closed by order its husband, the also painter, Diego Rivera.

Frida Kalho was a forerunner of fashion as a way to recreate personality, as she herself did and preached. Also as a vindication of the culture of his country. Who does not have an image of Frida with some of the typical indigenous skirts ?.

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