Expedition: Fashion from the extreme. The new exhibition of the FIT museum.

In this new exhibition, New York collects the contribution of clothes for extreme situations in fashion since 1960.

From the 15th of September until the 6th of January 2018, you can visit the Fashion Institute og Technology (FIT museum) the exhibition set in situations of extreme life. The depths of the seas, the high peaks, the poles and the space, have been the areas in which this original sample has been set.

There is no shortage of Abercrombie safaris or Ives Saint Lauren’s persimmons, but the focus is on the influence of the indigenous garments of extreme living territories on authors such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, or Yohji Yamamoto from the year 1990.

Do not miss the editorials of the great fashion magazines that, at some point, sent their models to these remote places.

According to the deputy director of the museum, Patricia Mears, the original intention did not go beyond salvaging the way that clothes made for survival had made fashionable. However, he understands now that under the exhibition underlies the idea of ​​awareness of a fashion that respects the world in which it occurs. We must not ignore our impact on nature.

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