Amichi will triple its stores in Spain thanks to Black Toro Capital.

The firm, thanks to the capital injected by the venture capital fund, also foresees its international expansion.

The Amich family has regained ownership of the company in recent months, so its founder, Juan Carlos Amich, will continue to chair the advisory council and his daughter Thais will be in charge of the design direction.

Pedro Valdecantos, along with the Amich family, have worked side by side so that the new strategic plan for opening overseas and tripling their stores in the national territory can be carried out. Finally, thanks to the professional support of Black Toro with its injection of 15 million euros, it will be possible to carry out this operation with which the Spanish company intends to reverse the years of losses with the turnover of 80 million in three years.

According to Valdecano, sole administrator of the company, the idea is to open around 380 stores here in Spain and another 150 outside. Firstly, oriented to the European market in countries like France Italy or Portugal. But plans also go through Central America and the Middle East. Without doubt an ambitious project of the future that augurs long life to the company.

Recently, the brand has been the subject of attention thanks to the campaign of thanks to the State Security Forces launched a few days ago on the occasion of the events in Catalonia. The platform, called, has also joined a Facebook page that already has 8,000 followers and companies that have joined the proposal.

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