Investigate the leadership of the textile firm Blanco for alleged fraud.


Judge Ismael Moreno will investigate the liability of the Saudi firm’s directors in bankruptcy last year.


The national audience will investigate the leadership of the textile brand Blanco, after the examining judge Ismael Moreno has declared competent to determine if the managers were responsible for the bankruptcy of the mercantile in November 2016 according to legal sources told Efe. Judge Moreno accepts in a car to investigate the complaint filed earlier this year by the platform Affected by the White Situation, in which they point out that the executives would have embezzled the company until it went bankrupt.

Initially, this complaint, had begun to investigate in a court of Alcorcón, that was inhibited in favor of the hearing, given the different origin of the injured people and their high number. The complaint is directed against several Saudi businessmen and the company Global leiva, S.L., for alleged crimes of fraud, punishable insolvency and uprising of property. The platform of affected denounces in their querellaque that the current owners of the company intend to avoid their responsibilities in the closure of 102 establishments and the dismissal of 850 workers, according to reported in a statement. They explained that the Saudi group tried to break away from the company through a mock sale.

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