The exhibition “Pierre Cardin: 70 years of innovation” traces the trajectory of the visionary Italian creator

The emblematic Rosecliff mansion in Newport, Wales, has been chosen as the setting for the largest retrospective of the Veneto designer’s work to date. Through 42 pieces belonging to his private collection, they try to complete a reliable review of the contribution of the Italian genius to the fashion of his time.

Including designs from his earliest years in Paris when he worked for Christian Dior, or pieces of his most remembered collections, already in his splendor years, such as Cosmocrops, manage to delineate the story of one of the most lavish fashion designers of all time.

Innovation is, perhaps, the perfect word to define the career of Pierre Cardin, the first designer to export his haute couture collections to Japan, among others of his exploits. He was even expelled from the labor union in 1959 for launching a prêt à porter campaign at a time when it was an insult to haute couture; Always a visionary.

Pierre Cardin was also the forerunner, along with Paco Rabanne, of the futuristic fashion, with collections that turned the course of fashion into a true “space age.” In addition to creating his own material, Cardin, one of his greatest contributions was to incorporate the metal into his clothes, something totally new in his time.

Until January 1, 2018, lovers of fashion, and in particular, the followers of this unparalleled creator, have an inescapable appointment with the history of the suit and the controversial and great contributions of the Italian genius.

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